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I am a Contemporary Vocal Coach with Musical Theatre and Contemporary Vocals training and experience. Lessons are tailor-made to suit each individual student, with their personal aspirations and requirements at the heart. 
How I Run my Vocal Laboratory…
The voice is a fascinating mechanical cog; it not only plays an important role in our survival, but provides us with a unique means of expression,  communication and escapism.
Two of my vocal passions are:

1. Understanding the voice on a scientific level to help train and maintain both a healthy and reliable voice

2. Delivering a message and communicating stories with an audience, without the input of our inhibitions

Throughout the year, I attend various workshops lead by industry experts, and continually expand my knowledge as a coach to keep my toolbox up-to-date. Each singer is individual with their own physiological make-up; therefore, I do not restrict my approach to a particular method, but accumulate various exercises and vocal recipes in order to provide the most informed service to a singer, allowing us to work as a team to uncover the best approach for them to reach their goals.

Locations & Prices

I offer:

  • 1-1 Tuition in Basingstoke
  • Online Sessions via Zoom
1-hour Sessions
Block of 4 1-hour Sessions
£148 (discounted by £12)

For bookings and general enquiries, please contact me here: Contact Me

Cancellation Policy: Any session must be cancelled with 24 hours notice, otherwise the full fee will still be charged and/or no refund will be issued. If you have booked a block of 4 sessions, only one session will be carried over if cancelled as above. 



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