“Thank-you for all the help with my auditions! You truly went above and beyond and I am so grateful for everything!”  – Abbie Holderness (Performers Undergraduate)

“Thank-you for being an amazing and inspirational singing teacher to me. You have given me confidence to believe in myself and to hopefully have a future in this profession.” – Hannah Spite (Laines Undergraduate)

“Thank-you so much for being such an incredible singing teacher! I have loved my singing lessons this past year – I’ve had so much fun, learnt a lot about my voice and training my voice, and I have gained confidence in my singing ability! I will miss my lessons with you! Thank-you for everything you’ve taught me and for all your encouragement and patience.” – Fiona Knight (Jayne A Coleman Academy of Dance)

“Alexa has a unique and refreshing style of teaching, and my daughter feels confident and supported when they work together. I highly recommend Alexa’s services both in person and online.” – Claire Linturn

“Since working with Alexa, she has given me the confidence to sing at my best, and has helped me to improve my upper range by giving me lots of different tools. I loved my singing lessons so much that, when I recently moved to Spain, I wanted to continue and now I am able to work with her online.”  – Liliana Linturn (Jayne A. Coleman Academy of Dance)

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